About the Book

INSYNC INCOME, The Must Read Guide To Investing For Income In Canada, is a book written for investors that are near or in retirement. The book takes the approach of firstly educating the reader as to the most common problems that income investors face, the idea being that you can significantly improve an investors position by helping them avoid the most common pitfalls. The book then addresses the question of how best to invest to avoid these pitfalls and position an income generating portfolio to work in tune with the current and upcoming economic environment. The INSYNC INCOME approach provides an entirely new way to categorize income-generating investments, and an entirely new way to compare income equities. This is done using the powerful Weiler Dividend Anchor Score, a new way to compare income equities based on the idea that the quality of the dividend paid is of upmost importance. INSYNC INCOME is an eye opener for investors who are truly interested in maximizing the income-generating potential of their savings. A reader of INSYNC INCOME might say "I owe it to myself to learn about this after all the hard work I have done to save this money-I want efficiency." Where too many people become victims of the common pitfalls, or are settling for the low-interest rates provided today. INSYNC INCOME will empower you with knowledge, so you can make excellent choices and put yourself in a position where many things can go right. Welcome to INSYNC INCOME – It pays to know.